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A great spiritual occurrence is upon us all, an unvieled prophecy, and a deeper connection to the spirit world. 


Our spiritual connection is surreal in accepting the light and unconditional love from God, our Creator.


Our Creator will never leave you, our Creator is always there, we are connected through our divine spirit. 


Receive light, be light, share light is embracing unconditional love



A spiritual journey of a lifetime. Guided by the divine to find my life's purpose, and through my trials and tribulations I have found the purpose God has led me to in my life. God tells us about our gifts before we leave our home, the spirit world. When we become a living being on earth our human journey begins as a spirit having a human experience. We lose our way, we find our way... life begins when God puts our spirit into our mother's womb when we are conceived.
I offer spiritual counselling, crystal healing, finding our way seminar....
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